The curse of the mystery ear infection

Mom holding baby

The first few days home from the hospital are… a bit crazy. You’re on your own and caring for your brand-new babe (I mean they trust you with a newborn!?). It can be nerve-wracking, but also super exciting at the same time. You brought this life into the world, and YOU are going to rock this new mom (or dad) thing. Bam. All that solicited and unsolicited advice is coming in handy. Well, some of it is anyway. Be careful of the baby’s soft spot. Got it. Don’t wake the baby to eat. Ok no problem. Swaddle them snuggly to sleep. That’s supposed to look comfortable?? Ok though. Don’t take the baby outside of the house the first few weeks. Ha! We’ll pass on that one. You’ve heard it all – or so you think.

What is less frequently talked about are the ailments. Sure, there will be germs. They are pretty much unavoidable unless you live in a bubble (though sometimes we’d like to, it’s not an option). The germs can lead to coughs, colds, ear infections, etc. But what about the times that the ear infections don’t come from a sickness? Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately there is another big factor that leads to ear infections in your sweet little baby and it’s coming from a very unexpected source: the bottle. Crazy right??

Many bottles form a vacuum inside, which has been proven to be a major cause of gas, colic and even ear infections since it forces baby to suck extra hard in order to extract milk. Who knew!? You did all this research to pick the best bottle, the best nipples, the best everything and now this vacuum thing comes up. This baby thing is hard. Let’s get a little more information. Think about what happens when you drink directly from a bottle containing soda or water. Every few sips, you have to stop and pull the bottle away from your mouth to release the vacuum that has built up, and that is exactly what happens to your baby when they suck out of most baby bottles. Your baby is forced to work harder and harder as the pressure in the bottle grows, and even stop every few sips to release the vacuum. Sometimes you can even see the nipple collapsing during their sucking (another symptom of vacuum) and air bubbles forming in the formula/breastmilk. Not. Good. At. All.

So what’s the best option you ask? There’s a bottle on the market that contains The iComfort™ system which helps neutralize vacuum, making feeding easier and much more comfortable for your babe.

The system lets air in above the milk helping to prevent vacuum build-up inside the bottle. It also helps your baby control the flow of milk and drink more comfortably without having to over exert himself. Now that sounds like a win! The Freedom bottle is appropriately named as it gives your little one the freedom to drink with ease. Less effort, less pain, less hassle. And Freedom for you too (because that is super important too). Freedom for you to enjoy your baby, enjoy your feeding experience, and enjoy your days… with fewer doctor’s appointments. Because the days are long, but the years are short. This may be the most common piece of advice out there, but also the truest!

Bringing home an infant is tough, no argument there. The blowouts are undeniable. The sleepless nights are unmistakable. But the unforeseen ear infections don’t have to be part of the equation. Great job Mom and Dad, one more piece of research under your belt! A lifetime of research to go! (You do know it’s never ending right??).

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