Below are some answers to frequent questions we receive.

Our Thoughts on Co-Sleeping
At Baby Delight, we realize that parents ultimately make their own parenting decisions based on individual desires, cultural background, child-rearing philosophies, and simple convenience. While we neither encourage nor discourage the practice of co-sleeping, we appreciate the opportunity to offer an alternative for those moms and dads who choose to bring their infant into their bed. We also highly value the recommendations of First Candle / SIDS Alliance and strive to incorporate their guidelines into all of our sleeping products whenever possible.
Co-Sleeping Recommendations
Please consider the following guidelines for safer co-sleeping with or without the Snuggle Nest: Never allow infants to co-sleep with another toddler or child. Never allow infants to co-sleep with an adult who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Never allow infants to co-sleep with someone who is obese. Never allow infants to co-sleep with an adult who suffers from sleep disorders or someone who sleeps too soundly to awake at an infant's distress. Never co-sleep on couches or waterbeds or excessively soft mattresses. Never allow infants to co-sleep on the sides of the bed-always place infant in the center of the bed. Do not use excessive bedding or pillows while co-sleeping. Do not leave an infant unattended on an adult bed. Do not place stuffed animals in the adult bed with a bed-sharing infant.
What is the age range for the Snuggle Nest?
The Snuggle Nest is designed for newborns, from birth until they begin to push up or rollover. This age range is usually 0-4 months. This is generally the same age as a bassinet allows. There is a lot of variation in size and activity of infants during the first few months. Do not use the Snuggle Nest if your infant is too active or large to remain securely in the unit. After your infant outgrows it, the Snuggle Nest can be used as a handy changing area.
Are there any fire retardants in Snuggle Nest products?
Snuggle Nest products are compliant with Prop 65 in the State of California that bans harmful flame retardants. Snuggle Nest products also comply with the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act. (CPSIA)
How should I use the Snuggle Nest?
The unit is placed between the adult pillows. The walls on either side of the product block the pillows, and the rear wall and base reduces risk of entrapment between the mattress and the headboard. Since the infant is lying at the adult head level, the risk of rollovers or overheating and suffocation from adult bedding is reduced. The Snuggle Nest allows easy access to baby for soothing and cuddling throughout the night. Nighttime feedings are convenient because Mom never has to leave the bed. However, parents must make sure to put their infant back into the Snuggle Nest after each nighttime feeding or diaper change. Never use the Snuggle Nest if your mattress is not sturdy enough to allow the product to lay completely level on the bed, without tilting to one side and never leave infant unattended.
Is the Snuggle Nest certified as a safe product?
Since the Snuggle Nest is such a unique product, there are no current safety standards such as the ones that exist for cribs and car seats. However, the Snuggle Nest was designed to incorporate preventative safety features suggested by leading sleep experts and organizations: FIRM PAD - Provides firm sleeping surface ENVELOPE SHEET - Reduces hazard of loose sheeting RIGID TRAY - Covers crack between adult mattress and headboard and blocks adult pillows from baby's sleeping area POSITIONING - By being positioned at adult head level, the infant rests in a clear and open area, free of adult bedding and adult bodies
Can I order extra sheets for my Snuggle Nest?
Extra sheets are available through select online retailers. Each pack contains two sheets. All Snuggle Nest models have Accessory Sheet Packs. Be sure to order sheets designed specifically for the model that you have.
Limited Warranty at Macari Baby / Baby Delight, Inc. we make innovative and high quality products for babies, children and their parents. We warrant this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship existing at the time of manufacture for a period of 90-days from the date of initial purchase (sales receipt is required for proof of purchase). If such a defect is discovered during the limited warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace your product at no cost to you. This limited warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, failure to follow the instructions on installation, maintenance and use, abuse, alteration, involvement in an accident, and normal wear and tear. For warranty service or replacement part information: USA: Please call Customer Service at 1-401-333-6800, email to, or mail 30 Martin Street, Suite 2A4, Cumberland, RI 02864. Some replacement parts may be available for purchase after this limited warranty expires. Please visit us at or call us at 1-401-333-6800 for details. Register your product through our website.


Baby Monitor FAQs

Why won't my Movement & Positioning Monitor hold a charge?

In order to charge the wearable MX button correctly and get the best product performance you need to turn the MX button off while charging it (press and hold the black button on top until it beeps once) then let it fully charge for 9 hours before next use. Please repeat this for each charging session.

When the handheld monitor is unplugged the screen will only stay active for 90 seconds then will go black. You can still hear (audio) sound and pressing the power button populates the viewing screen again. Even if the baby is wearing the MX button the screen will still go black.

While the monitor is plugged in, the screen never shuts off unless you choose to.

Why isn't the Camera to my wifi baby monitor registering?

If your camera is second hand or bought as an “as-is unit” The MAC address needs to be cleared in the Baby Delight database, before you can set up your account. E-mail with your Mac Address (located on the back of the camera) and the e-mail you used to register your account. You will then receive reset instructions from one of our team members.

Also check with your wifi provider that you have a modem that talks back to devices.

I've moved and the Camera to my wifi baby monitor no longer connects.

Our wifi monitor can only store one wifi connection at a time. Your device will need to be reset in our Database and on your end as well. Please e-mail with your mac address and the e-mail you used to register your account. You will then receive reset instructions from one of our team members.

The camera to my wifi baby monitor constantly disconnects, or the screen goes black.

Check your camera name. For the best connection your camera should be a single lowercase word with no spaces, numbers or special characters. (ex: babycam)

You can change your camera name by clicking on camera and then edit. We suggest resetting your router as well to clear out any cached data.

If you stream a lot of data, this can interfere with your camera's connectivity as well. Please call your internet provider to decide what plan works best for your family.

I moved my monitor camera to a different part of my house and I am having connection issues.

You might be too far away from your wifi router, we recommend getting a wifi extender.

I hit the reset button on the camera to my wifi baby monitor and nothing happened/ my camera no longer works properly.

Our cameras need to be reset both in our database and your home at the same time. Please e-mail with your MAC ID address (E06290------), model number (BD040---) and the e-mail you used to register your account. You will then receive reset instructions from one of our team members. Once we have instructed you to click reset. Do not click reset again without reaching out to our Customer Support.

I've forgotten my password but I am not receiving a reset password e-mail.

Please e-mail with your MAC ID address (E06290------), model number (BD040---) and the e-mail you used to register your account. You will then receive reset instructions from one of our team members.