Baby Delight was founded in 2000 by a mom who was in need of a product that was not yet in the market place. Who better to think up a product, than a mom or dad in need? Baby Delight continues to support and enable parent-inventors.

Farah Morton – Snuggle Nest

Farah realized that the bassinet that she was using prevented the closeness she desired with her newborn daughter. Knowing the dangers associated with co-sleeping, she started experimenting with ways to create a safer area on her own bed that would protect her newborn and allow the closeness she wanted for those first precious months. With her second baby, she refined her ideas into a simple, innovative product design, and the Snuggle Nest was born! The Snuggle Nest, a protective co-sleeping bed, was an immediate success at that time, since there was no other option
for co-sleeping parents on the market, other than bedside bassinets.

Gwendelyn Krause – Crib Cushi

Gwen designed the Crib Cushi after her daughter continued to wake in the night caught between the slats of her crib. It kept her daughter safe and centered in her bed. When she was old enough to transition to a toddler bed, the Crib Cushi™ went along and although she could get in and out of bed independently, it still kept her in the center of the mattress while she slept.

Kristi Gorinas – Go-With-Me Chair

After Kristi’s fourth child was born, she was inspired to design something that would make her life simpler. Kristi began to sketch out a portable, light-weight “parking spot” for her baby that she could take anywhere. After many renditions and lots of feedback, the Go With Me Chair was conceived. It features a removable 5-point harness, canopy, feeding tray, and innovative leg holes that allow your baby to stand in place.

Judy Blair – Super Potty Trainer

Judy invented the Super Potty Trainer after her daughter refused to use any of the traditional potty training devices. Judy originally sat on the toilet with her daughter in front of her so that her daughter would not be afraid of falling back. This gave Judy the idea to create a prototype and eventually develop the Super Potty Trainer which features a steady back support and non-slip pads that didn’t move or tremble while her daughter was sitting directly on the seat.

Jason Macari and Mark Adamowicz

Jason and Mark are both amazing dads and professionals who have created baby products from monitors to sleepers.

Awards & Growth

We are proud to note that our products continue to earn prestigious awards and recognition while remaining bestselling baby products and parenting solutions.

Shortly after its debut, the Snuggle Nest was awarded the IParenting Media award and the Hot Product award, Mom’s Choice Award, as well as the National Parenting Center award. The Snuggle Nest has been featured on every major news network in the US, due to its simple, yet innovative, design for co-sleeping. This simple product met a real need for today’s parents and opened up an entirely new category in infant products. The national exposure of this mom-designed product, as well as word-of-mouth from many satisfied parents and healthcare professionals has kept it on many moms-to-be wish lists. Baby Delight products are sold nationwide, as well as in numerous countries around the world.